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Mixology Instruction & Classes


Have you ever wanted to learn the Art of Mixology? Would you like to bartend on the side or full-time? Is Bartending School too expensive or too time-consuming? Would you like to be the ‘Expert’ at your next party or a more informed and educated drinker?

As a former bartending student in 2000 and former Mixology Instructor at the Capitol Bartending School (member of the Professional Bartending Schools of America), I understand the importance of learning mixology hands-on. Online bartending courses don’t offer you the opportunity to get behind the bar and mix drinks and learn the secrets behind the bar.

The focus at ‘Raise your Spirits’ is on basic mixology 101, classifications of alcohol, product knowledge of spirits, cordials, wine, and beer, and the free pouring system with regards to ratios and proportions, and pouring techniques. It is a fun and interactive class with mixology games, exclusive content from a leading mixologist, and find out what bars don't want you to know. You will get behind the bar and pour like a pro. The cost is $20/person (host or hostess excluded), which includes presentation, materials and handouts, pouring demonstrations, etc...Plus, each participant will receive a Certificate of Achievement in the Foundations of Mixology Bartending. Minimum 5 participants, but ideally 10-15 participants - invite your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc...The class generally runs for 3 hours and can lead into a full blown party or happy hour. Pick a cocktail menu or cocktails you want to serve..

This service is available to bars and restaurants who would like their staff trained in the Art of Mixology or for current bartenders who want to expand their knowledge and learn the proper techniques or for aspiring bartenders who want to learn the foundations of mixology.

You can also combine the class with a happy hour or cocktail party for the best of both worlds with a very affordable rate. That way, you can learn, mix drinks, and drink them too.  Inquire at mnagy@tailsfromthebarstool.com or call (717) 877-2729.