New Beverage Program - "Mocktails By Michael"

Raise Your Spirits, Inc. has created a new beverage program called "Mocktails By Michael" that will be launched and featured by way of a food truck coming to an spot near you. We are partnering with "Grand Cru Hospitality" owned and operated by my good friends and colleagues James & Alisha Bird, who are great at what they do - check them out! If you don't know, "mocktails" are basically non-alcoholic cocktails and have been served by RYS for years at company events and weddings (see below). We are now taking these delectable concoctions to the street. Only fresh ingredients will be used, i.e. freshly squeezed juices, muddled organic fruit, fresh veggies, herbs, and spices delivering a unique beverage experience to customers never seen before in the local food truck industry. We will announce our upcoming public events in the near future...Cheers, Michael Troy Nagy