Cocktail Spotlight - St Paddy's Day Cocktails

As seen at Lavish Lounge Bar and Restaurant and events/parties by Raise Your Spirits, Inc., below is the cocktail menu used along with step-by-step instructions. Numbers next to ingredient are in ounces. Any questions, please let me know. Enjoy!


Irish Rum Swizzle

1.5 Irish Whiskey, ¾ Dry Vermouth, ¾ Lemon

½ Grenadine, mint sprig & cherry

Add ingredients, crushed ice, swizzle to froth, beer glass


Irish Buck

1.5 Irish Whiskey, 2 Ginger Ale, ¼ Lime, Lime

Build & Stir into ice-filled collins glass


Lavish Bull

2 Tequila Rose, ½ Midori, ½ *Cucumber Syrup,

¾ Pineapple Juice, Top Soda, Lime Wheel

*Cucumber syrup: Add 1/2 cup sugar and 1/2 cup water into small saucepan and cook on medium heat until sugar is dissolved. Remove mixture from heat, let cool slightly, then add 6 peeled slices of cucumber (1/2-inch-thick each). Allow to steep for 10 minutes, remove solids and store in refrigerator for week

Dry Shake, Add ice, Shake, Double Strain into ice-filled collins glass


Blood & Sand

¾ Teelings Whiskey, ¾ Cherry Heering,

¾ Sweet Vermouth, splash O.J., Orange peel

Shake & strain into chilled cocktail glass



½ Irish Cream, 1.5 Midori, 1 Irish Whiskey

Whipped cream (opt), Mint sprig

Shake & strain into ice-filled rocks glass


Melon Martini

1 Tito’s Vodka, 1 Midori,

1 Lemon Juice, ½ Sugar Syrup, Cherry

Shake & strain into chilled cocktail glass


Lavish Midori Sour

1 Midori, 1 Tito’s Vodka, Orange,

½ Lime Juice, ½ Lemon Juice, Soda to top

Lemon wheel, shake & strain into ice-filled collins


Lady Godzilla

1 Midori, 1 Malibu Coconut Rum, 3 Pineapple,

Cream layered on top, pineapple slice

Shake & strain into ice filled tulip glass

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