Cocktails By Michael - Late Summer Edition (Part 2)

Here is a continuation of the last post...Some are simple to make at home while others are a little more complex, but well worth it if you're planning a function or want some special cocktails.

Champagne Celebration

  • 1 sugar cube saturated with Peychaud's bitters
  • 1/2 oz VSOP Cognac
  • 1/2 Cointreau
  • chilled champagne

In a champagne flute, place sugar cube with bitters. Add cognac and cointreau. Slowly fill with cold champagne Try to chill cognac and cointreau in fridge prior. Garnish orange spiral.

Cocktails By Michael - Late Summer Edition (Part 1)

Below you will find fabulous cocktails never released before and exclusive to all of my loyal followers and potential clients. I've been waiting to unveil these splendid concoctions till the right time and now is the right time since business is picking up and my fall and winter months are getting filled. You can have one of these served to you and your guests' at your next event or party.

How To Make Homemade Syrups, Purees, And Other Mixers?

Tis the season to make fresh syrups, purees, and mixers for your favorite cocktails or non-alcoholic beverages. This is the time of year when many fruits and veggies are fresh and at their peak and what better way to add some life and freshness to your drinks.

Fresh Lemon Sour

Infamous Summer Cocktails Spanning the Globe - Part 2

Berry Lemonade - Boise, Idaho

1 3/4 oz Revolution vodka
Handful of fresh local berries
3/4 oz fresh lemon juice
1/4 oz housemade simple syrup

Combine all ingredients. Add more lemon if you prefer tart libations and more simple syrup if you prefer sweeter drinks. Serve.


Trendy Summer Cocktails From Around The Globe

With the summer reaching it's halfway point and the fact that I haven't done a cocktail recipe post in a while, I decided to offer you what is hot right now in the cocktail world. Many of these cocktails are from all parts of the stratosphere.

The Charter '77, the most popular drink at a trendy Czech-owned bar, gets its name from a 1977 civic initiative that championed civil rights in communist Czechoslovakia.

Cordial Spotlight - Grand Marnier

Today is "National Grand Marnier Day" (July 14th).  It was a sunny day in April of 1827 (no, I wasn't there) with flowers blooming and the promise of a delicious summer full of fruit trees blooming high, when Jean-Baptiste Lapostelle decided to start a fruit distillery in France.  Jean-Baptiste's granddaughter married Louis-Alexander Marnier, combining two families into one.

How To Drink Like A Celebrity & Famous Shots in Movies?

Everyone has a drink of choice. Why would a celebrity be any different? Even in a world where the options are endless there is comfort in going with what you know.

How you ever thought about what your favorite celebrity drinks off the set. Take a look and next time you see them on the big screen or watching one of their movies at home, you will know what they like to drink. You will be surprised at the simplicity of the Hollywood celebrity drinking culture even with all those lavish cocktail parties and celebrations. 

Top 5 Fourth of July Cocktails

Here are my top five cocktail suggestions just in time for the 4th of July weekend...Most of these are easy to prepare and will make your independence day or weekend festivities a hit whether you are by the pool or barbequing in the backyard.

Looking for something light and refreshing to sip while you lounge poolside? Check out this fruity fusion of strawberries, lemons, and vodka.

Strawberry Delight