Grape Expectations

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Booze Mythology (Part 1)

Vodka & Soda

What about all those drinking rules growing up about alcohol and its effect on the human body.  There are plenty of theories and legends in the world regarding alcohol consumption.  My hope here is to illuminate what is real and what is myth.  Science plays a role in the discussion so let’s see if we confirm convention or challenge some of the arguments.  The issue is that the research and evidence is uncontrolled and it really isn’t a topic that attracts much attention unless you can recruit a bunch of binge drinkers or just ask questions of people in the bar industry or just drink ourselv

Should Cocktails get simple again?

As hand-crafted cocktails and homemade infusions revolution has grown, so has the trend to create new and unique drink concoctions which displays the skills of the bartender. Cocktails have become, especially in high end establishments, ever more complex and time-consuming. The bartending profession has become noble again so the bartender’s need to shine and re-invent their career has come to the forefront. The more complex the cocktail, the more impressive the bartender appears.