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Wine Spotlight - Recommended FLX Wines By Request

I've been anxious to do a wine blog post based on requests from my fans and followers because I want to write "for the people" and what people are interested in. We have to bring back some democracy to this country, right! I am happy to announce that my wish came true. My beautiful friend Bambi is a wine lover and a big fan of FLX wines. More specifically, she likes to sit down and enjoy a "good" red when she is able. You see, Bambi is a busy mom who's time is precious.

Wine Spotlight - How Sweet Is My Wine??? (Or not?)

Wine blog

I often get the question of what constitutes a ‘sweet’ wine versus a ‘dry’ wine, and moreover, what do those labels or styles mean, from guests, family, friends, and random people. Therefore, I hope to shed light on the subject by sharing the official European Union and US system and MY interpretation and system I like to use when doing freelance wine education classes, wine tasting parties, and work at the winery .

Who Said You Can't Drink Rosé In The Winter !?!?!?

I had the lovely experience of sipping a glorious Dry Rosé in January 2020 at the Libertè Lounge in the Sofitel Hotel in downtown Philadelphia. What was the occasion? Well, the reason for my visit on this cold, blustery night in the City of Brotherly Love was to conclude my WSET Level 3 studies upstairs on the 3rd floor with a three-hour tasting and theory exam, which was going to be beyond stressful and intense. I sat there at a high-top table with cushy pillows surrounding me on a plush leather half booth contemplating what to have for dinner.

Cabernet Franc – One of the Best Wines to Drink in the Fall

Cabernet Franc may call France its home, but can we make great wines elsewhere. Where does Cabernet Franc grow best and thrive?

Cabernet Franc is a different animal and deserves recognition. If you were the parent of stars Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Carmenere, you would be eccentric too. It has learned to survive and thrive just about anywhere and has existed a very long time.

Wine Spotlight - Pinotage

October 10th marks "International Pinotage Day". In celebrating this unique and misunderstood grape, I offer a glimpse into it's history and factoids. The name Pinotage is a little bit misleading because it sounds so much like Pinot Noir. It is easy to assume they taste alike. Not true. In fact, the South African grape looks and tastes more like Shiraz even though Pinotage is technically related to Pinot Noir. So why haven’t we heard more about this deliciously dark grape? If you love a bold barbecue-friendly wine, Pinotage wine is worth checking out.


I am beyond excited that my book has officially landed on Amazon (click attached link) in paperback and kindle versions. The hardback version will appear on there shortly and i will receive my copies in the next few weeks.. If you are anxious to get a glimpse, you can read inside the book there. For those who are not able to receive a copy from me in person or by mail with signature and personalized message, please feel free to order a copy or copies.

Cocktail Spotlight - Lavish HOT Summer Elixirs

Enjoy these fresh summer cocktails available along with many others at Lavish Lounge. These cocktails scream summer and are sooo good. We will have a collection of specialty martinis, margaritas, mojitos, daiquiris, and shooters. It looks very promising that we will re-open on June 20th with a new seasonal cocktail menu restrictions per NYS guidelines


Lake House

2 oz. aged Jamaican rum

Wine Contest

Let's have some fun and play a wine game! In looking at how grape varietals develop and form wine throughout the world, we have to consider terroir, climate, soil, region, microclimate, etc... Below are three tasting notes for the most popular and most planted grape varietal in the world - Cabernet Sauvignon. In thinking about those countries and regions, what type of Cab would you expect. One is for a Cabernet Sauvignon from Bordeaux, France, one is from Aconcagua Valley, Chile and one is from Coonawarra, Australia .