The New Age 'Cocktail' Without the Morning After

For those who don't drink, who aren't in the mood to drink, or maybe drank too much the night before, a well-balanced, fresh, non-alcoholic beverage with complex flavors and thirst-quenching chararcteristics can be hard to find. Drinking flavored waters, protein drinks, and drinks with low sugar and calories may be fine for some people, but it would be nice to have something more or special. A drink with a little something extra.

Arriving on the scene is the non-alcoholic cocktail known as the 'mocktail'.

A mocktail satisfies those who desire something that you would only find in wine or a cocktail and same name, but without the alcohol content, impairment, price tag, or heaviness.

Non-alcoholic beverages are starting to get more attention in bars and restaurants so that many of the cocktails could be easily made with or without alcohol. Mocktails can be bold, savoey, sweet, crisp, complex, simple or even healthy. The goal is is to let people who want to order these drinks feel like they are participating in the same experience as everyone else or having a healthier alternative, whether it be a company social event, happy hour after work, or a function where you don't want to get sloppy. You can still use only best ingredients of fresh  fruit, veggies, herbs, spices, shrubs, syrups, juices, mixers, etc...

Still crave elements of wine or spirits that contain acidity or salinity! When building a mocktail, start with assertive and complex flavors, such as tart lemon, floral hibiscus or jasmine tea, ginger, apple cider vinegar, infused syrups made of rosemary, thyme or basil. Top it off with something bubbly and refreshing, such as botanical tonic water, spicy ginger beer, or fizzy flavored seltzer.

If done right, your taste buds will be satisfied even without the alcohol.

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