Infamous Summer Cocktails Spanning the Globe - Part 2

Berry Lemonade - Boise, Idaho

1 3/4 oz Revolution vodka
Handful of fresh local berries
3/4 oz fresh lemon juice
1/4 oz housemade simple syrup

Combine all ingredients. Add more lemon if you prefer tart libations and more simple syrup if you prefer sweeter drinks. Serve.


Bicycles - Portland, Oregon

1 1/2 oz Bulleit rye whiskey
1/4 oz Aperol
1/4 oz St. Germain Elderflower
1/2 oz lemon juice
1 barspoon 2:1 cane syrup (2 parts sugar, 1 part water)
Grapefruit express/insert, for garnish

Shake and double-strain into a rocks glass. Garnish with grapefruit express/insert.


Basil Gimlet - Mountain Brook, Alabama

2-3 limes, plus extra wedge for garnish
4-5 basil leaves, plus 1 leaf for garnish
1 oz simple syrup
2 oz Hendricks gin

Muddle limes with basil leaves, simple syrup, and gin. Shake with ice and strain over ice. Garnish with basil and lime.


War of Roses - Chicago, Illinois

1 1/2 oz Pimm's No. 1
3/4 oz gin
3/4 oz Chase elderflower liqueur
3/4 oz fresh lime juice
1/4 oz simple syrup
2 dashes Peychaud's bitters
2 mint sprigs
Mint leaf, for garnish

Shake all ingredients. Add mint sprigs. Shake again very lightly. Strain. Serve up. Garnish with a mint leaf, floating.


Pink TaTa - Flowood. Mississippi

1 1/2 oz X Rated Fusion liqueur
3/4 oz Malibu coconut rum
1/2 oz grenadine
2 oz pineapple juice
2 maraschino cherries, stems removed, for garnish

In a mixing tin, combine ingredients with ice and vigorously shake. Strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with cherries.


Celery Delight - Seattle, Wash

1 1/4 oz Hedgetrimmer gin
1 oz celery juice
1/2 lime
3/4 oz simple gomme syrup
7 leaves of mint

Shake vigorously and double-strain, using Hawthorne and fine mesh to remove ice shards and mint.


Gingerly - Missoula, Montana

1 1/2 oz Whyte Laydie gin
1/2 oz lemon juice
2 oz grapefruit juice
1/2 oz ginger-infused simple syrup
1 Tbsp fresh ginger chopped
2 large basil leaves
2 dashes grapefruit bitters
Grapefruit twist, for garnish

Muddle lemon juice, ginger, and 1 basil leaf. Add the rest of the ingredients and shake with ice. Strain over ice in a rocks glass. Garnish with grapefruit and remaining basil leaf.