How To Drink Like A Celebrity & Famous Shots in Movies?

Everyone has a drink of choice. Why would a celebrity be any different? Even in a world where the options are endless there is comfort in going with what you know.

How you ever thought about what your favorite celebrity drinks off the set. Take a look and next time you see them on the big screen or watching one of their movies at home, you will know what they like to drink. You will be surprised at the simplicity of the Hollywood celebrity drinking culture even with all those lavish cocktail parties and celebrations. 

Johnny Depp - Whiskey Sour

With millions of dollars in the bank and worldwide fame, this box office megastar has access to the most exotic and expensive drinks in the world. However, it seems like this Kentucky-born native likes to stick to his roots and reportedly said his favorite drink is a Whiskey Sour with bourbon. My kind of guy!

Oprah Winfrey - Moscow Mule

What type of cup would you prefer if you were a billionaire? Gold? Crystal? Gold-dipped crystal covered in diamonds? Well, if you’re Oprah Winfrey, the answer is simple: copper. That’s right, this self-made media mogul enjoys a nice Moscow Mule. When listing her favorite cocktails, the former talk show host recalls mixing a batch of the vodka cocktail during a camping trip and even sharing it with her neighbors. She is a philanthropist from early on.

Madonna - Pomegranate Martini

What type of cocktail is fitting for the Queen of Pop? An unconventional one, for sure: Madonna’s drink of choice is a sweet Pomegranate Martini.

Jennifer Aniston - Margarita

One thing is certainly true about Jennifer - she knows a classic drink. Jennifer has stated that her favorite cocktail is the Cinco de Mayo favorite—the Margarita. Good choice, Jennifer, good choice. She joins the rest of the world keeping the Margarita as a world favorite.

JK Rowling - Gin & Tonic

As the author of the most popular book series in history, JK Rowling could have any drink she desires. While the fictional Harry Potter drinks are off the table, the Harry Potter creator has mentioned that she likes to drink a Gin & Tonic while writing.


Since we are on the movie theme and talking about celebrities, here is a sneak peek of the most famous shots taken in movies –

Have you ever successfully knocked back a shooter with a live scorpion on your hand? Or downed an entire spittoon of wine?

Well, we’d honestly be surprised if you answered yes to either one of these questions—even a little concerned. Safety first, everyone!

Thankfully, these crazy antics are what Hollywood is here for (and quite good at). We looked back at a few of the most awesome shots ever taken in movies—from James Bond to Austin Powers. We bet you’ll love these scenes.


1.  James Bond takes a shot with a scorpion on his hand.


2. Marion wins a shot competition in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.


3. The Three Amigos down a tequila shot in unison.


4. The Wedding Crashers’ wedding crashers take a group shot.

5. Austin Powers relaxes with a shot in a hot tub.

6. The bros in Swingers bond over a couple of shooters.

7. Miles goes for the entire spittoon in Sideways.

It might not be liquor, but he shot the contents of that spittoon with conviction!