Drinking Personality: Vodka


Vodka literally means "water of life" translated from Russian and Polish, which is what vodka is made from - the freshest, cleanest spring water on earth. Vodka is said to make up over 70 percent of the alcohol consumed in U.S. and, with all the choices available, the liquor store isles are lined with this clear, good time elixir. Between all these fine spirits, consumers now have their choice of vodkas in all shapes and sizes. So what does your choice mean?  

Chopin Vodka

Chopin is a traditional Polish potato vodka that is 4 times distilled and five times filtered. It has a hearty flavor profile, consisting of a tingling earthiness that fills up your whole mouth, and then gives way to a slight sweetness. It finishes incredibly clean and mild. 

This vodka shows that you value tradition and the wisdom that comes with age. You like things that make bold statements, as well as have complex subtleties. You encourage layers. The idea that what you see is not always what you get, turns you on. The more you explore, the more flavors you can discover. You are the type of person who will wait till the end of the movie credits for the extra scenes at the end. Thank goodness for you, or the rest of us would have missed it. 

Belvedere Vodka

Belvedere is one of the most popular Polish vodkas available in American nightlife today. Distilled four times exclusively from Dankowskie Gold Rye, it is crafted as the perfect combination of creamy and clean. It starts with a sweetness that swirls on the tip of your tongue, giving way to faint flavors of almond and vanilla. 

You are a person who enjoys luxury without the show that surrounds it. Basically, you appreciate the feel of elegance, but everyone doesn’t need to know what kind of car you’re driving. Although you would never admit it, you are someone who secretly loves velour…its okay we won’t tell anyone. Sit in your tracksuit in private, sip your Belvedere and enjoy that velvety finish. 

Stolichnaya (Stoli) Vodka

One of the first Russian vodkas to become popular in the United States, Stoli is distilled four times from wheat and rye. It is classic and clean with very little frills or gimmicks. When you sip it, the bite dissipates, giving way to a warming that grazes your tongue and then crawls down the back of your throat. This vodka should be enjoyed the Russian way, with a plate of pickles or Caviar. 

You are a straight-to-the-point person – no bullshit, who has a clear concept of what you like.  You appreciate the classics, and don’t like to get caught up in flare of what’s considered popular. We probably won’t find you parking your smart car, to stand in line for the latest version of the I-phone, while instagramming your new pair of shoes. We need people like you to balance out all of the shameless self-portraits out there!

Ketel One

One of Holland’s most successful vodkas, Ketel One is made from some of the finest European Wheat for a clean crisp taste, with subtle tingles underneath. The finish coats your throat and then, as the bite fades, the flavor continues to be active on your tongue. 

You are the under-the-radar go-getter! The person who gets projects off the ground, you manage all the details that most people would miss. An amazing planner (parties, trips, projects or just a casual night with friends), you are the person who takes extra time to make sure everything is as it should be. We don’t want to say “perfectionist,” but let’s be real, no one would have put as much time into individual place cards and party favors as you would. This one is my favorite.

Grey Goose 

Distilled and bottled in France, Grey Goose is made from French winter wheat and distilled 5 times. It is incredibly viscous and clean without any discerning flavor notes. The bite is minimal and the finish dissipates quickly. When mixed, it doesn’t change the flavor of the drink, it just adds a little oomph.

You love luxury, and you love what’s considered the best. Box seats, VIP tables, Red Ropes, these are things you relish being a part of. Even saying “goose” before “soda,” “cranberry,” or “Cosmo,” makes you feel better about your drink. We get it, you are a star! We won’t go that far, but you don’t mind paying more for quality. Tradition is as important as what’s new and in fashion.  


Absolut is the third largest brand of alcoholic spirits in the world. Made from winter wheat, and crafted through a continuous distillation, it has a clean, crisp, sharp flavor with an almost effervescent finish. It can be refreshing when mixed with anything carbonated but a tad biting when mixed with something more subtle.

You like a little kick to your life. Snowboarding, mountain climbing, watching the X games…danger doesn’t bother you! It’s all about the journey, how it finishes is a total afterthought. You are someone who doesn’t need the upgrade as much as the uphill climb. Going to a bar in your adult softball league uniform doesn’t bother you, because that Absolut on the rocks with a squeeze of lime will taste so fine. 

So… which vodka are YOU?




Some of my friends have said that potato vodka is a good option for those who are gluten free!