Fittingly, the day after National Repeal Day is Bartender Appreciation Day, started by Sailor Jerry Rum to pay homage the hard work behind the bar.

December 6th marked Bartender Appreciation Day, a celebration to honor the guys and girls who spend time all year long listening to our woes, giving us advise and of course, a great pour. Sailor Jerry Rum started the holiday to pay homage to the great service of bartenders around the country and they have released this special toast for Bartender Appreciation Day below -

"Here's to the men and women who give up their late nights out, so we can have ours. Who make our drinks, pour our shots, and give us our nightly meal of nuts and pretzels. We honor their hard work and their unwavering patience. Without them, we would be out on the street or even worse, stuck at home. On December 6th and beyond, we raise our glass in solidarity."