Ask a Bartender: What's the strangest drink request you've ever gotten?

A good bartender will listen to his customer's request and, within reason, try to satisfy it. Recommending a particular beer according to someone's preferences, or suggesting a particular bourbon cocktail, or inventing a drink that he/she thinks will suffice. But what about the really outrageous requests? Bartenders were polled and asked "what's the strangest drink request you have received?" Here's what they had to say. I also included some of mine as well.

What's the strangest drink request you've ever heard?

Someone ordered Laphroaig Quarter Cask scotch and Red Bull from me last week. That's a very smokey, peaty scotch with an energy drink. But who am I to judge?" — Brandon Sornberger (Io West)

It's hard to ruffle feathers with a drink order, but I've heard some strange ones. The guy who came in to the West Village cocktail bar I was working and ordered 4 Mind Erasers for him, his parents and his girlfriend is definitely up there..." —Dan Sabo (Five Leaves)

I was once asked to make a drink that tasted like the color pink. They did not want the drink to be the color pink, but to make a drink that I thought would represent the essence of the color pink. I crushed it, but couldn't tell you exactly what I made, because I never wanted to make it again so I didn't write any specs down." —Hector Santa Cruz (Neat, Bow & Truss)

When I worked in Boston at the late Persephone, someone once asked me for a Hennessy and Vitamin Water. I reacted quickly and asked him what flavor of Vitamin Water he wanted. The best part about this exchange was that I was actually able to stump HIM." — Jeff "Chewy" Chouinard (Lincoln Ristorante)

May I have a blended white zinfandel in a beer glass please?" —Brian Means (Fifth Floor)

1-800 Tequila (It took me a minute to realize the dumbass was asking for 1800—pronounced "Eighteen Hundred" for all of you under 21 year olds—Tequila)." —Molly Prather (Little Dom's)

More than odd drink requests, I've just had people have no idea what they were ordering. Had a gentleman order a Sazerac once, when I handed it to him he thought he had ordered red wine." —James Romer (Wirtshaus)

The most unusual drink request was a guy who came into the bar looking for a gin and milk with soda. I've never seen it before or since. I was working in vegas at the time, so I guess nothing should surprise when it comes to that..." —Billy "Bonefish" Fannemel (Couloir Restaurant, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort)

Usually I recommend the person get something else (yes it has happened more than once). This time I said, "Why not!?" Threw the whole thing in the blender, mint and all, figuring I'd teach her a lesson. Of course she loved it. (Anonymous)

I had a regular customer at the sports bar where I worked who's regular drink was a Diet Coke and tequila. WELL tequila. She claimed it was awesome and everyone else "didn't get it," but I tried it and it was beyond gross. (Anonymous)

OK, here's my favorite list:

Grand Marnier and sprite
Jagermeister and coke
Goldschlager and coke
Blue Curacao on the rocks
Margarita with Absolut Peppar instead of tequila
Cuervo and water
Frozen Moijito
Strawberry Daiquiri with Hennessey
Patron and Baileys
Gin and Vodka

There once was a woman who requested a glass of white zin with bleu cheese olives. He obliged the request, but refused to serve them in the wine. When he told me the story, I assumed the woman just wanted a free snack, but when he turned around the woman had plunked both of those olives into her wine glass. Can't say I've tried it, and my brother doesn't drink, but perhaps she was on to something.

In college, a friend who didn't drink alcohol went out with us one night and wanted to order a 'classic' drink, but with no booze, so she wouldn't feel out of place, I guess. So she proceeded to order a "Kahlua & Cream", please, without the Kahlua." I think the waitress brought her a glass of milk.