Bar & Restaurant Consultation

As a local professional bar consultant, I can provide hands-on bar services with a personal touch for any current or future establishment, with a focus on improving visibility, increasing productivity, organizing inventory, improving customer service, staff training, design and creation of cocktail menus, seasonal menu rotation, mixology instruction and classes, concept/theme development, enhancing ambiance and atmosphere, and identification of needs based on customer base.

If your bar requires some rescuing or rehabbing some or all aspects of your bar business or you are a new bar owner who would like some guidance, feel free to send me a consultation form. It doesn't cost you anything and complete privacy and confidentiality is maintained throughout the process.  Don't let your pride get in the way. It can be something as simple as staff training where I would work with you and your staff on ways to improve your bottom line and customer service satisfaction.  The advantage of working with an experienced and locally trained professional bar expert is that he knows the local marketplace and has worked in the industry for 13 plus years in various capacities for various establishments. My credentials can be viewed on the 'About' page or just contact me and ask.

I am available for free consultations by phone, email, or face-to-face meetings. No charge until you decide to use my services. You will find that my consultation rates are very reasonable compared to the big commercial consultation companies who may not have direct knowledge of your market and demographics and will charge you for the research to find out.

I realize that bar people are a very proud bunch and don't want to admit when they need assistance. Over 6,000 bars close their doors each year and that number is growing every year. Many of the reasons relate to the bottom line and profit margin, but also poor customer service and a lack of effective leadership, ownership or management.  Professional staff training, customer service training, and mixology instruction is effective in alleviating many bar problems and improving the bottom line. You have nothing to lose but your debt and stress and all to gain in elevating your bar to elite status and preserving it bar for years to come.

Please use this form to contact me directly to request a consultation. Thank you!